Farewell to Self-Government

Good government is no substitute for self-government. – Mahatma Gandhi As the Supreme Court reaffirmed its commitment to the new role of judicial activism, the limited information crowd celebrated with the usual hashtags and changing of profile pictures proving just how little they understand what was lost in their “victories”. Between basing the Obamacare opinion on the intent of the legislators, and … Continue reading

You can’t make a bully happy

Every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face—that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. – Ronald Reagan 1964 Despite the Iranian government’s involvement with terrorist groups, support for the … Continue reading

A lesson from those that have been there before


As the world has stood by watching the people of Ukraine rise up against a return to Russian rule, the lessons are many and obvious. 1. Being deep in debt and dependent on other countries for energy leaves you without negotiating room. Sound familiar?  With most experts agreeing that the United States has more natural gas and oil reserves than … Continue reading

Keep on Walking

Showing as little concern for the families, as the State Department did for those defending the embassy, fifteen members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee walked out of the Benghazi hearing as parents of the Americans killed in the attack prepared to testify.  Only Rep. Elijah Cummings D-MD and Rep. Jackie Speier D-CA both chose to remain. The 2014 … Continue reading

Ending the Left’s Control


The recent scandals have led many to draw comparisons between the Obama and Nixon administrations. Whether it is an attempt to suggest impeachable offenses, or simply a reference to political corruption, Nixon was in the minor league compared to the professionals of today. The Benghazi cover up, the IRS targeting conservative groups, the DOJ seizing phone records of reporters, Operation Fast and … Continue reading

Paying Insult Rather Than Respect


Standing in stark contrast to the respectful attitudes of world leaders when Ronald Reagan passed, Obama has once again publicly embarassed the United States and insulted our strongest ally. Apparently, the socialist dictator Chavez was important enough to Obama to receive an official U.S. envoy at his funeral. However, Obama has declined to send a single member of his administration … Continue reading

Rand Paul: Standing on Principle


Rand Paul’s filibuster, while only delaying the Brennan vote, proved that there really is a difference between himself and his establishment critics. The question that he, Ted Cruz, and others posed to Eric Holder should have been an easy one to answer. Does the U.S. Constitution permit the President to authorize deadly military force against an American citizen, within the … Continue reading

The U.S. will survive the Obama policies


Looking at the current state of our economy, not to mention the tight family budget, it is easy to understand why national polls indicate a generally dismal outlook by most Americans.  With a president fixated on more tax increases and a Congress unable to agree on the color of paint, low consumer confidence has little reason to change. The short term economic outlook is weak, but … Continue reading

Can’t replace a Progressive by acting like one


As if Obama needed a new ally in his war against fiscal conservatives, he has found one in Karl Rove. Rove’s new super PAC, Conservative Victory Group, has the left-wing media and political organizations more excited than the prospect of a third Obama term. Created to recruit establishment candidates and defend Republican incumbents against primary challenges by tea party candidates, … Continue reading