Our Mission

Counter the Election Machine

Fiscal conservatives from all political parties are being out-voted by organized unions who campaign full time for the liberal agenda that keeps them in power.  They run dishonest ads and fill the polling places with ballots that sometimes outnumber the registered voters.  We will counter this machine by becoming more organized in our precincts and increasing the educated voter turnout.  This still a country filled with decent citizens who use sound judgement in our personal finances every day.  We will work together to make our voices heard.

Elect Fiscal Conservatives

There are big spending “establishment” politicians currently holding office in both parties at all levels.  If we are to change the way that government views deficit spending, then we must replace these politicians with those who will support smart fiscal policies.  We must look past election season rhetoric to examine the records of those who ask for our vote.  Any candidate for public office should be prepared to attend local meetings and answer real questions from real constituents.  We will work with local groups to promote organized meetings to find and support fiscally conservative candidates.

Support the Constitution and Limited Government

The term “Living Constitution” was invented by those in power who reject limits on their authority.  As government involvement in our daily lives increases, our personal liberty decreases.  Through over-regulation and policies that create dependency, our government is slowly removing the restraints on its authority.  Massive bills passed in the middle of the night should be a warning bell to all Americans.  The “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.” mentality corrupts our elected officials and our seeming apathy only serves to embolden them.  We will work with local groups to defeat any politician, from any political party, who engages in or supports this behavior.

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