Keeping our eye on the ball

We the People tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us.
- President Ronald Reagan January 11, 1989

reidApparently, the stunning upset of GOP heavyweight Eric Cantor was taken as a sign of encouragement by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as she proudly announced “As far as the midterm elections are concerned, it’s a whole new ballgame.”

Reading, or for that matter caring about, public opinion has never been one of her strengths.

However, other members of her party still remember the groundswell of conservatism that swept them from power in 2010 and seem determined to do just about anything to prevent a repeat.

Even if that means spending money and resources to help an embattled Senator Thad Cochran (R) to overcome his Tea Party challenger in the Mississippi primary.

The resulting internal fallout from the collusion between Cochran’s campaign and DNC operatives, and their political action committee, is the glimmer of hope that Democrat lawmakers are clinging to for the 2014 midterm elections.

While it is true that Boehner and friends hardly attempt to conceal their disdain for the very movement that dragged them back to power in the House, the 2010 voter revolt that tossed Pelosi from her throne was not for their benefit.

It was a complete rejection of all self serving big government politicians and their overspending.

As the never ending scandals and failed promises plague the Democrats, it appears that their one hope is to drive a wedge through the Republican Party and thereby reduce the conservative voter turnout.

Like elementary kids yelling “fight” on the school playground, they continually hype stories about conflicts, both real and imagined, between the RNC and TEA Party.

For their part, representatives of both seem too eager to make public statements that only serve to fuel the debate.

It is time for all conservatives to maintain focus on the most important task at hand.

The midterm elections must cost Harry Reid his position of power over the Senate.

As the Majority Leader, Reid has been the quintessential leftist ideologue.

He has made it possible for Obama to seize more power for the White House and has publicly said that he would like to see the President take more unilateral action.

Without Reid’s willingness to violate the Senate rules on reconciliation, Obamacare would still be just a socialist’s dream.

Showing no hint of remorse, he refused to allow a vote on a House bill passed to fund veterans’ health services in the face of a government shutdown.

Under Reid’s leadership, the Senate has never voted on any budgets that passed by the House.  Instead he prefers to run the government on short term continuing resolutions. After all it is much easier to disguise the level of duplicity and corruption if one never puts all of the numbers in a single document.

For all of his political maneuvering so far, Reid’s arrogance and partisanship has in fact lain the groundwork for his own downfall.

His single minded devotion to furthering the consolidation of power within the government, and particularly his party has left nothing positive for those Democrat Senators up for reelection in 2014 to use in their campaigns.

If conservative voters can ignore the rhetoric coming out of the DNC and their complicit media, the stage is set for another sweeping victory.

We just need to keep our eye on the ball.

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