A lesson from those that have been there before

As the world has stood by watching the people of Ukraine rise up against a return to Russian rule, the lessons are many and obvious.

1. Being deep in debt and dependent on other countries for energy leaves you without negotiating room.

Sound familiar?  With most experts agreeing that the United States has more natural gas and oil reserves than the Middle East, what sense does it make to buy anything from them?

2. An unarmed people are easier to dominate than a well armed population.  Stalin and Hitler knew this to be true.

Gun control advocates have tried to dispute this fact.  However, in 1920 it became illegal for any non-Communist to possess a weapon in Russia.  In 1938, Germany made it a crime for Jews to possess firearms or ammunition.  How well did it go for the people once the guns were gone?

3. A special lesson for those urging more government control and hoping President Obama will take more power from Congress.  The people of Ukraine have lived under the very type of government control that you are hoping for and they are willing to face death at the hands of government snipers to avoid going back to a life under Czar Putin.

No matter what cheerful spin the left assigns to their increase in control, total dependency on the government does not lead people to climb the economic ladder.

Nancy Pelosi’s statement “Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.” belies a complete lack of understanding of the world outside of D.C.

Someone has to pay for the artist to have food, housing, and even those highly touted healthcare subsidies.  Just ask Greece.

And last, the most important lesson for our elected officials, power changes hands quickly when the people feel like their politicians are out of control.

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