Obama’s Trojan Horse

As the news coverage continues to focus on the failure of the health care website, it is readily apparent that too many are missing the big picture.

In what was a masterful display of misinformation, the administration dangled the promise of free healthcare to convince millions of Americans to support the largest tax increase on middle and lower income earners in history.

The Trojans probably wished they were this good.

Ironically, the ones most likely to be affected by the individual mandate are the very voters, who turned out to help Obama win his second term.

Obamacare is a progressive’s dream, an income tax without limit.  The “fine”, paid as a tax, is $95 or 1% of your income whichever is greater.  That is just the first year.  It only goes up from there.

With that kind of potential revenue on the way, why would the Democrats ever negotiate on the individual mandate?  It is their equivalent of winning the lottery.

While they are slightly concerned about the dismal failure of their 634 million dollar rollout, it is only from a public relations perspective.  They wring their hands, proclaim their disappointment, and vow to fix the problem.  Yet they never back away from their insistence that the mandate will be enforced.

With the new power of their friends in the IRS, the Democrats don’t even need the horse anymore.


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