Somebody’s Watching Me

Given the daily revelations of government intrusions into our privacy, Rockwell’s 1984 hit featuring Michael Jackson seems to have crossed over from entertaining to outright prophetic.

FBI Director Robert Mueller’s admission that the agency does use drones to conduct surveillance on Americans, but doesn’t have any rules in place for it, seemed to catch a few members of the Senate Judiciary Committee off guard.

It shouldn’t have.  The EPA routinely conducts aerial surveillance, over private property, without any due process.

The NSA gathered domestic communication data without a warrant.  The IRS selectively targeted conservative groups for harassment.

The DOJ knowingly provided large numbers of weapons to Mexican drug cartels, secretly seized phone records of members of the press, monitored one reporter’s private emails, and AG Eric Holder lied about it under oath.

At least Mueller had the good sense to tell the truth.  Imagine what we would know if all of the government officials tried that.

Lois Lerner could’ve told us who ordered the targeting of conservative groups opposing Obama’s re-election.

Hillary Clinton could’ve explained why our ambassador and staff were undefended.  And maybe even someone could’ve have remembered where the president was during the entire terrorist attack.

Eric Holder could…never mind.  No point wishing for the impossible.

One thing that these revelations prove, is that our government spends as much time watching us as it does our enemies.

It does make sense.  The real threat to big government is the American people whom it seeks to control.

And Big Brother looks out for his own interests first.


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