Ending the Left’s Control

The recent scandals have led many to draw comparisons between the Obama and Nixon administrations. Whether it is an attempt to suggest impeachable offenses, or simply a reference to political corruption, Nixon was in the minor league compared to the professionals of today.

The Benghazi cover up, the IRS targeting conservative groups, the DOJ seizing phone records of reporters, Operation Fast and Furious, secret monitoring of reporter James Rosen’s movements and private email account, and systematic intimidation of witnesses illustrate a much larger issue than one administration’s corruption.

They are all examples of a government that has grown so powerful and intrusive that those in charge feel able to violate the Constitution without consequence.

Obama didn’t invent liberalism or big government. The scandals are a result of his abuse of the power that has been seized by the slow, but planned, growth of government by the progressives that have preceded him.

That does not excuse the actions of his administration but those who call for his impeachment are wasting their breath. It is a logistical impossibility with the Democrats controlling the Senate.  For them, he delivers a guaranteed advantage in the minority vote and lucrative fund raising opportunities.

The Obama administration has also proven quite adept at stalling investigations, providing false information, and finding convenient fall guys to blame.  They also claim to have no knowledge of anything at anytime.

Even for those in Congress absolutely convinced of the need to remove Obama from office, the thought of an incompetent, gaff-prone, and equally complicit, President Biden should be enough to deter any yea votes.

In order to really solve the problem, the foundation of liberals’ power must be dismantled. Removing Democrats from office, at all levels, should be the top priority.

Obama ran unchecked during his first two years in office because the Democrats controlled Congress too. The blitzkrieg of midnight votes on major pieces of legislation were conducted with the same purpose of any military campaign, to gain and consolidate power.

Losing of control of the Senate would be a major blow to that power grab.

Repealing Obamacare would be possible. Corruption within the DOJ, IRS, and Attorney General’s office could be exposed and eliminated. Cuts to the funding for the EPA would restrict Obama’s ability to bypass Congress by creating thousands of new anit-business regulations.

The path forward is not simple or easy.

The Obama administration has exceeded the limits of Executive Branch authority almost to the point of rendering Congress irrelevant. By using presidential appointees, he has been able to persecute conservative opposition with the IRS and cripple private industry growth through DOJ lawsuits, EPA regulations, and NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) decisions.

Yet Obama still does not control the American people.  His left-wing colleagues have hijacked the DNC and removed the moderates, but they still represent a small segment of the population.

Impeachment may not be a reality but a motivated conservative turnout in 2014 will render him as effective as Clint Eastwood’s empty chair.

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