Paying Insult Rather Than Respect

Standing in stark contrast to the respectful attitudes of world leaders when Ronald Reagan passed, Obama has once again publicly embarassed the United States and insulted our strongest ally.

Apparently, the socialist dictator Chavez was important enough to Obama to receive an official U.S. envoy at his funeral. However, Obama has declined to send a single member of his administration to the funeral service of Margaret Thatcher.

Nice job of combining disrespect and arrogance, Mr. Pesident.

The left wing press has already seized upon the Boston terrorist attacks to excuse snub. However, the administration declined to send an envoy prior to the attack.

There simply is no excuse for such an insult. We attend funerals out of respect for those that passed and for their family.

British PM Tony Blair understood this when he attended the Reagan funeral service. Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher did as well.

But Obama is a different kind of head of state. One who’s public appearances are staged around political gain.

There is no advantage for him in being seen paying respects to a great conservative leader.

Or maybe the work has simply been piling up while he was on his vacations.

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