Rand Paul: Standing on Principle

Rand Paul’s filibuster, while only delaying the Brennan vote, proved that there really is a difference between himself and his establishment critics.

The question that he, Ted Cruz, and others posed to Eric Holder should have been an easy one to answer. Does the U.S. Constitution permit the President to authorize deadly military force against an American citizen, within the U.S. borders, who does not pose an imminent threat to public safety?

Why did Holder have such a difficult time answering that one? Perhaps because the Obama administration doesn’t recognize any limits on their authority.

Fresh off of their private dinner with the President, John McCain and Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor to voice their disapproval of Paul. The very two men who have spent weeks thundering away about how Obama handled Benghazi.

Must have been one great dinner menu. Wonder if the subject of four brave Americans came up.

Rather than spending the evening kissing up to the President, perhaps McCain and Graham could’ve made better use of the time joining the senators that supported and assisted Paul. Even Sen. Ron Wyden-D joined the filibuster to argue against the ever expanding drone program.

Having ran an entire presidential campaign on the premise of opposing his own party, McCain’s condescending criticism of Paul should not have come as a surprise. The filibuster was largely conducted by TEA party backed conservatives. Hardly McCain’s favorite people.

He and Graham are simply establishment GOP career politicians. Going along to get along. Graham is so conservative that he supported both of the judicial activists appointed to the Supreme Court by Obama.

Apparently, both are gullible enough that they think Obama’s new “outreach” is a genuine effort for compromise. He has repeatedly thwarted efforts to cut government spending, sought only to increase taxes, threatened Armageddon if sequestration went through, and forced a takeover of the health care system through reconciliation.

But suddenly he wants to work together. Right. More like he is separating the weak from the herd. Looking for a few Arlen Specter replacements to help with a bargain to increase tax revenues.

Given the tone of their petulant speeches against their colleagues, it would appear that he has found a couple for the low price of a tax payer funded private dinner. Wonder what they had for dessert.

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