Farewell to Self-Government

Good government is no substitute for self-government. – Mahatma Gandhi

Supreme CourtAs the Supreme Court reaffirmed its commitment to the new role of judicial activism, the limited information crowd celebrated with the usual hashtags and changing of profile pictures proving just how little they understand what was lost in their “victories”.

Between basing the Obamacare opinion on the intent of the legislators, and discovering a previously hidden right to marry paragraph in the Constitution, SCOTUS has officially become an activist court rather than the impartial check on the Legislative and Executive Branches as intended.

Given that these activist judges are lifetime appointments, and the two most extreme leftists are Obama appointees, the loss of more Constitutionally guaranteed rights is all but certain.

Before the ink could dry on the majority opinion, gay activists were already declaring the need to stop the religious defense to gay marriage.  So the next attack on churches begins.

Given that an overwhelming majority of voters self-identify as Christian, why does a small minority of left-wing progressives get to control the narrative?

Even in the Democrat controlled state of California, voters twice approved a ban on same sex marriage only to have it struck down by liberal judges.

These activist judges, appointed by progressive politicians, no longer consider the will of the people or the Constitution when overturning state laws.

If the people of a state can no longer decide to pass a law through a legal vote on a ballot initiative, what rights do they truly have?  Answer: only those that the politicians hiding in black robes or an authoritarian Executive branch decides to allow.

And while the courts have become their weapon of choice, the activists have lost sight of a very important fact.  When you give government the opportunity to expand its control, that control is never relinquished.

Rather it becomes another step on the stairway to complete control.

With the SCOTUS shift towards activism, a President who recognizes no limits to his authority, and weak leadership in the House and Senate, there are few steps left before the bottom.

When the federal government reaches its “Skynet” moment of self-awareness, will those liberal activists finally realize that they were nothing more than a tool to give the progressive movement standing in court cases intended to re-write the Constitution?

At that point, it will no longer matter.  Once you bid farewell to self government, it doesn’t come back without a huge price.

Think we’re different or special?  So did the Germans, Japanese, Italians, Russians, Chinese, and many others throughout history.